We founded the Total Outdoors Northeast team out of New York and even with our love of traveling abroad we have an abundance of some of the best outdoors activities available right in our own backyard.


Within a short-range span of miles in New York there are so many ways to experience the outdoors.

From numerous freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, camping, mountain biking, hiking, and hunting, on mountains, lakes, rivers, bays, coves, and the Atlantic Ocean all within hours or minutes of your whereabouts.

And there are great destinations immediately surrounding New York too.

Got a few hours to travel?

Did you know Delaware is one of the Top 3 fly-fishing spots in the world?

Or that Long Island is home to some of the best deer harvesting, as is upstate New York’s wide Adirondack area?

Total Outdoors Northeast Team Out Of New York

The northeastern of region of the United States is home to some of the world’s top fishing and surfcasting spots, and New York has more than a couple coveted locations that are in the Top 10 in the northeast as well.

Montauk Point offers great fishing expeditions out on the Atlantic often in view of whales and great white sharks.

And an abundance of hidden hills and woodlands, especially in the vast Pine Barrens, make for some incredible mountain biking spots on Long Island, thanks to CLIMB for their trail work, not to mention a couple hours north the mountains loom large as do the double black diamond trails!

Hiking trails are abound, almost anywhere you look and see a patch of woods, as New York features over 217 State Parks!

We will not reveal all of our favorite spots for fishing in New York, for instance, but the entire Total Outdoors Northeast team is proud to offer up some of our Tools, like wind monitoring and moon phases, as well as some of our own tools that we use and happily endorse after they have proven their worth.


Total Outdoors Northeast Team Out Of New York

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